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The field of arts includes a wide range of human activities, from visual arts (painter, sculptor, photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, gallery director), to music (performers and writers, producers), theatre, film, dance or other performing arts.

A classification by major of possible arts careers would include the following:

-art education (art critic/writer, art teacher, artist-in-residence/artist-in-the-schools, teacher of Art and Recreation, instructor, arts administrator);

-arts history (museums, galleries - Archivist Art Historian, Art Law Specialist Corporate, Museum, University Curator Fine Arts Appraiser Researcher Restorer, Conservator);

-interactive media (graphic design, illustration, photography art director book Illustrator, technical/production Illustrator, exhibitions designer, freelance photographer, graphic designer, publishing TV/film, Multi-media specialist).

- applied art (arts administrator, art dealer, art consultant/ curator/ writer, gallery director, stylist);

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